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The Greening of America

The Greening of America It starts with a simple proposition: the United States spends more on Defense than all other government programs combined, not including Pensions, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. We also spend more than the next seven countries

  • Old Man Cook–A true ghost story

    Old Man Cook My friends and I took off on one of our missions. I was twelve, and the woods and fields behind our house provided excitement for boys our age. We entered the trees at the top of a

  • The Placebo Effect–Winner at BookBuzz

    The Placebo Effect has been selected as a Winner at BookBuzz. Thank you for voting.

  • The Bridge of the Americas review

    Judge at the Writer’s Digest 2nd Annual Awards: …I did love the scene setting in this one.  The author did a great job of painting a picture and taking us on an incredible journey with Jack and Darlene.  Jack is

  • The Placebo Effect

    My latest novel, The Placebo Effect, is now available in Kindle version only at Print and other electronic media will be available in February. Topical, wild, and rough, The Placebo Effect offers a unique look into the strange world