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Larry Seeley, author of the award-winning mystery/suspense novel, Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves (April 2010), is the ex-CEO of the world’s largest privately-owned training company, the former CEO of the gaming firm that built the first Native casino in Maritime Canada, and a former professional blackjack player.

He and his wife, Katie, live twenty miles north of Santa Fe in a high desert valley bounded on the east by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and on the west by the Jemez range. There they care for several chickens, nine cats, and four dogs on their secluded rancho. Katie is active in finding foster and adoptive homes for lost and abandoned pets. Larry spends his time writing the third novel in the Jack Sloan series, Bridge of the Americas.

An army veteran, Larry speaks, reads and writes fluent Arabic. Among his many vocations, he considers building a Native casino in New Brunswick, Canada among the most educational.

Con artists and swindlers swarmed Native casinos in the early days, and learning to deal with them and discovering whom you could trust and who had a knife at your back gave Seeley a distinct edge in deciphering people—and a decided advantage in character creation and development.

The strength of his writing lies in his characters. Seeley’s protagonist, Jack Sloan, represents all good guys caught in bad situations. He’s tough, but fair, and takes the reader through the agonizing decisions faced by people who must choose between right and wrong, good and evil, and do what is necessary.


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