The Bridge of The Americas

The Bridge of the AmericasA young girl is murdered on a dark highway during the winter of 1995. Fifteen years later, the crime sets in motion a string of events provoking carnage and mayhem. Jack Sloan and his wife, Darlene, are caught in the middle, and it’s up to them to find a way out.

The Bridge of the Americas is the primary artery connecting Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, Texas. When El Lobe, a notorious cartel enforcer, crosses it in 2010, he lights the fuse. For five years he has operated as a mole for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Now, one of his cartel buddies has dropped a dime, and El Lobo, Harper Prescott, must flee for his life and the safety of his beautiful companion, Rosa Lara.

He finds refuge in Northern Arizona with his long-estranged brother George, the father of the girl killed so many years earlier. Together, they set out to find the guilty party, but Harper is hunted by both the cartel and law enforcement. As El Lobe, he committed multiple executions in Mexico on behalf of the cartel. The U.S. government, not wanting any connection to such a notorious criminal, decides to arrest and try him.

Jack Sloan has been hired as a casino consultant by a splinter Navaho group. The cabin where Harper and George hide is within the limits of the reservation. The leader of the rebellious tribe is Chief William Bear, who is the prime suspect in the long-ago murder. The parties in the drama are inexorably drawn together and strange alliances formed.

Mattie Helms (Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves), Jack and Darlene’s former nemesis, comes to Chief Bear as an investor with more than one agenda. With connections to all parties involved, including the head of the Mexican drug cartel, she pulls the strings that manipulate the narrative. A few years older than the last time she and Jack crossed paths, she remains dangerous and alluring.

A variety of interesting characters populates the story. Frank Pickel, the brutish and disfigured enforcer for Chief Bear; Owen Sparrow, Bear’s inept Head of Security; The Warriors, a private army living on the reservation; and no Jack Sloan story would be complete without the presence of John Thunder, Shaman, and one of Jack’s closest friends and allies. Many vivid minor characters come and go, and all lend a spice to the adventure.

Readers of the first Jack Sloan novels will recognize the geography. The beauty of the barrancas and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Much of the action takes place near Flagstaff in and around the ponderosa pine forests that climb to the timberline. It’s a dangerous and interesting cruise through the Southwestern United States with stops in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. The drug wars created the story, now Jack Sloan writes the conclusion.

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