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Interview with Morgen Bailey

Dear Readers:

Please check out the interview.

I’m pleased to say that your interview is now live – the direct short link is and long link is Feel free to put the links anywhere you like for as long as you like.

I’ve updated your entry on added it to it’s always accessible.

I’ve also scheduled it to appear (title / link) on my main blog ( at 5pm today (UK time – it’s now approaching 1pm).

All the blog posts are automatically linked to my Twitter profile (currently 2,900+ followers, often re-tweeted by my fellow members of Triberr), Facebook (1,100+ writing friends), LinkedIn and Yahoo Updates, so your interview was immediately ‘advertised’there.


I’ll be in touch again with any comments, ‘likes’ or Twitter mentions / retweets. Thank you again for taking part.



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Feb 10
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