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The Bridge of the Americas review

Judge at the Writer’s Digest 2nd Annual Awards:

…I did love the scene setting in this one.  The author did a great job of painting a picture and taking us on an incredible journey with Jack and Darlene.  Jack is a great leading man.  He’s clever and downright likeable.  I loved his point of view and felt like I was right by his side from start to finish.

The author is definitely talented when it comes to characterization.  And, while I enjoyed the plot, I wasn’t blown away by it.  True, there was murder and mystery and action and dark thrilling details.  But, really it felt a little been there… done that.  And by this I meant that the whole underbelly of the drug cartel plot line has been overdone in recent years. I just didn’t feel a huge originality vibe on this this entry.

On the editorial side, it was mostly well done.  No huge problems here.  Keep an eye on repetitive phrasing and character mannerisms.  I know that when you’ve written the same character in a series, that it is important to repeat his same mannerisms, but within the same book, you can overdo it to the point of distracting the reader.

All in all, a nice story and a talented author.  I did enjoy it!

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Dec 29
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